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Special “Battle of Medway” Service

Between the 8th and 18th June, Our Rochester Circular tour will be operating a revised timetable and making additional stops at: Sun Pier, Chatham Historic Dockyard, Chatham Marina and Upnor Castle. Customers will be able to hop on and off our vessel to visit various attractions and partake in the activities.

To help you plan your days and stops we have this page together to help make sure you know where to be and when. 

Should you plan to visit the festival during this time we recommend book in advance as there is limited spaces especially your return journeys following your visit to the events.

Downriver toward Upnor 

Rochester 1000 1130 1300 1430 1600 1730 1900*
Sun Pier 1015 1145 ---- ---- ---- ---- ----
Dockyard 1030 1200 1325 1455 1625 1755 ----
Chatham Marina 1040 1210 1335 1505 1630 1800 1930*
Upnor SC arr. 1045* ---- ---- ---- ---- 1805* 1925*

Upriver towards Rochester 

Chatham Marina 0900            
Upnor SC 0910* 1050* ---- ---- ---- ---- 1820*
Dockyard ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----
Sun Pier 0935 ---- ---- ---- ---- 1710 1840
Rochester arr. 0945 1120 1250 1420 1550 1720 1850


Saillings marked with an * are only for use with a 4 day yachtsman pass and not for general public.

Note to Yachtsman: Please ensure you bring you lifejackets if you intend to alight at Upnor sailing club. Access is not permitted unless you are wearing a lifejacket. 


Ticket locations

You will be able to purchase tickets at various locations including;

  • Rochester Pier.
  • Onboard at Chatham Marina and Sun Pier. 
  • Chatham Dockyard
  • Online 
Please note: Our vessel stops at Upnor Sailing club only for Yachtsman with the 4 day pass. Hop-on Hop off day passes will not be allowed to disembark at Upnor.


River Hopper (Hop-On Hop-Off)


River Hopper







Family (2+2)


Under 5




4 day Yachtsman pass 







Family (2+2)


Under 5




River based events 

Times are indicative and subject to change


Time Where



Wednesday 7th June

TBC Basin 2 Warships Arrive
All day Queenbrough

Dutch yachts gather at Queenbrough

    more as we get it....


Thursday 8th June

TBC Chatham Dockyard Civic event
1100 Upnor Dutch yachts arrive (fleet 1)
1100 Upnor Tall ships arrive
    more as we get it....


Friday 9th June

1000-1800 Rochester Dickens festival
TBC Basin 2 Warships Open day
1000-1700 Upnor Castle The Dutch are coming! (Living history)
    more as we get it....


Saturday 10th June

1000-1800 Rochester Dickens festival
TBC Basin 2 Warships Open day
1000-1700 Upnor Castle The Dutch are coming! (Living history)
TBC Chatham Dockyard Dutch Marines Rowing event 
    more as we get it....


Sunday 11th June 

1000-1800 Rochester  Dickens festival 
TBC Basin 2 Warships Open day 
1000-1700 Upnor Castle The Dutch are coming! (Living history)
1400 River  Tall ships and warships depart 
1400 River Fleet 1 depart


Monday 12th June

0800 Chatham Marina Arrival of George Stevenson steam vessel
    more as we get it....


Tuesday 13th June

    more as we get it....


Wednesday 14th June

0600-1200 Stangate creek Dutch yachts Fleet 2 gather 
TBC Chatham Dockyard Schools Giant Chain 
1400 River/Arena Dutch Fleet 2 arrive


Thursday 15th June  

    more as we get it....


Friday 16th June

    more as we get it....


Saturday 17th June 

1000 TBC Medway Big Ride
1400 Basin 2 & 3 Food, drinks fair
1700 Arena Historic ship sail past
2130-2230 Arena "Medway in Flames" event 
    more as we get it....


Sunday 18th June 

TBC Upnor Dutch yachts depart
    more as we get it....



Additional events activities can be found at the following websites:

Medway Council



BOM areas.jpg

4 day Yachtsman Pass (Tocht naar Chatham)

If you are visiting by Yacht as part of the Dutch fleets, Jetstream Tours will be offering our riverbus service to enable you to move around the local area. Getting back to your Yacht club or marina couldnt be simpler. 

Alight at-

Upnor Sailing Club - Upnor Sailing club and for Medway Yacht Club. 

Chatham Marina - For Chatham Marina, Gillingham, RNSA and REYC trotboat service

Rochester Pier - For Rochester Cruising Club, Pelican YC and Strood YC

This special ticket entitles you to unlimited travel during your stay and a special social event service on Saturday 10th June  and Friday 16th June from Medway Yacht Club to Chatham Marina.



Water taxi .jpg

River Taxi 

River Taxi’s will be servicing visiting yachts moored on the RNSA and REYC to Chatham Marina. Jetstream Tours will be working closely with the River Taxi operator in order to ensure yachtsmen can join the Riverbus during the day. Please ensure you leave ample time to get to the pier for your required sailing bearing in mind the river taxi could be busy.

There will be a small charge for this service and can be pre-booked.

If you need to call the RNSA/REYC watertaxi they will be in CH6 or +44 (0) 7809 330969


Operating 0700 - 1100 and then 1700-2300 during fleet 2 visit only.