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The Boat

High Speed Turn

TWIST shares her name with a small yet nimble, fictional Dickensian character, Oliver Twist. Medway has a lot of history with Charles Dickens and so we found it rather apt to use the name for our vessel.

TWIST is the only aluminum 9m jet boat in the UK and has been specially adapted to suit the River Medway. The basis of an E-class Lifeboat she is a tried and tested design, which has led to numerous rescues on the River Thames. The design has also been adapted for military use, which is why we felt that this was the only boat for the job!

TWIST is licensed to carry up to 10 persons plus crew by the Maritime Coastguard Agency up to 20miles away from the coast, and so can be booked for tours far from just the River Medway.

Just a few of the items we have to carry for your safety:

  • • 14 man Liferaft
  • • Lifejackets
  • • Flares
  • • Lifebuoy’s with lights

Two powerful Nanni engines, delivering 265hp each are coupled to a pair of Hamilton Jet units available. This makes Twist, we believe, one of the most powerful Jetboats out there! Hamilton Jets are renown for their reliability and power, which makes them the only choice for us! They push us nicely to 40knots or nearly 50MPH!!!!

Jet units allow the boat to not only be nimble and quick but also make us able to pass over many of the shallows and up many of the creeks the Medway has to offer and we can get to areas that others just cannot access safely.

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