Jetstream Marine is the new division of Jetstream Tours. It encompasses our smaller fleet available for hire on the Thames and Medway.

We have experience in various types of work including:

Ashes scattering
Hydrographic surveys
Towing and pushing
Aggregate barges
Pilot Transfers
Safety boats

If your requirement is more bespoke and not listed here, plesase get in touch, we may still be able to help.

Lady Hamilton

12 seat passenger launch

lady hamilton.jpg

The Lady Hamilton is a fine example of the sturdy and well renown boat known as a Nelson. Her excellent seakeeping capabilities and onboard facilities make her the boat of choice if you want to go "offshore". She is licenced to operate anywhere in the UK and up to 60 miles offshore.

She is available for private hire on the River Thames and Medway and can transport you and your guests in style and comfort to any riverside location. Catering available aboard upon request


  • Licenced for 12 passengers and 2 crew (MECAL)
  • Large cabin for 12 people
  • Small open rear deck
  • 20 knots 
  • Twin 300hp Diesel main engines
  • 240V 4KW Generator
  • Full Safety Equipment

Available from Medway and Thames 

Hire charge: POA

Sea Echo

8 Seat fast launch

Sea Echo.jpg

Sea Echo is our 10 metre fast launch. She is often used for Hydrographic surveying, diving and fast transfers in the Thames and Medway. 

Powered by Twin 315hp Nanni Diesels she is capable of speeds of up to 30knots and has a range of 200Nm so is ideal for those longer transfers, where time matters. She is loved by the crews of the Thames barge matches and is often acting as a dedicated  watertaxi during the various sail races.

She holds a national licence for up to 60 miles offshore.

  • Licenced for 8 passengers and 2 crew (MECAL)
  • Large cabin seating 6 people
  • Large walkaround deck
  • 30 knots 
  • Twin 300hp Diesel main engines
  • 240V invertor
  • Full Safety Equipment
  • Road transportable


Hire Charge: POA


Safety boat / Passenger launch


This cute little vessel caters for small jobs within the river. She is ideal for safety boating or small passenger transfers. She has been used recently for filming and survey operations.

  • Licenced for 5 passengers and 1 crew (Local Authority) Cat C Waters 
  • Small forward cabin for 2 people
  • 8 knots 
  • 30hp Diesel main engine
  • Full Safety Equipment
  • Road Transportable

Available Thames and Medway

Hire charge: POA


11ft Dory safety boat


Sprat is the baby of the fleet but still pack a punch. She is ideal for lakes and light river work. She boasts a 25hp outboard which can get her to speeds of up to 25knots. 

She is road transportable and can be on site anywhere in the UK. 

  • 2 crew
  • 25knots
  • 25hp Petrol outboard 
  • Full Safety Equipment
  • Road Transportable

Hire charge: POA