COVID 19 - Restrictions on service


Please observice the following rules when conducting scatterings aboard our vessels:


  • Up to 30 passengers may attend an ashes scattering on our vessel. This number may change based on government restrictions
  • Passengers who attend should respect social distancing at all times and remain at least 1m Plus apart particularly between households.
  • No one should not attend the funeral if they are unwell with symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19)
  • All Passengers must ensure they wear a face covering at all times whilst onboard. (Please note these are not provided by us). 
  • When awaiting to board the vessel all passengers should ensure they queue to the right of the boarding ramp and should only board when instructed to do so. 
  • Once onboard each household should take a seat inside the cabin in one of the four seating booths a maximum of 5 persons per booth. Households are not to mix with others.
  • Prayers may be conducted whilst onroute the the scattering site and once in position each household will be invited up to scatter the ashes or throw flowers as per the families wishes. 
  • Our rear deck accomodates a maximum of 8 persons at one time.
  • Hand sanitiser is available onboard for the use of everyone.
  • Touch points and surfaces will be cleaned between each service using approved cleaning products
  • All cabin doors will remain open during your time aboard. 
  • Toilet facilites are not provided.

For further guidance on Funeral during Covid-19 please click here



In some religions it is nessessary to provide proof of scattering, following your dispersal we will forward you a certificate to commemorate the scattering.

This will be posted after the ceremony.


To discuss your needs please contact us on 01634 525202 or email us