Safe Society

Local employment

Local Network


Jetstream Tours works with local businesses, from the engineers, graphic designers and suppliers there are a few examples below; 

  • Our antibacterial gel during COVID came from Copper Rivett. 
  • We sell local artists work of the forts and wrecks
  • We have partnerships with local fish and chip shops and micropubs for the beer and gin cruises. 
  • Our engineering contractors are Sheerness based TME
  • All our maintenance, ship repair and storage is done within the Medway
  • Our metal worker is based in Sittingbourne and; 
  • our graphic designer is based at Chatham Historic Dockyard. 


Because of the operation we have Jetstream is heavily regulated and focused on safety of its operations. For the cruising, this does mean at times we arent able to take people out into the estuary if the weather doesnt allow. 

However we also dont tolerate any unsafe act by passengers, or harm to themselves, others or the staff. We are entrusted with students using the commuter ferry on a daily basis and keep a keen eye on anything that doesnt look right. 

In our training we take extra precautions to safeguard all students.


Jetstream takes educaiton very seriously, which is why we have launched our own training arm to deliver ongoing development and training. 

Our new crew are also placed on apprenticeships and all staff are given oppurtunities to diversify and develop their skills. 


We also work with local schools and education services; in 2022 we took a group of children from Medway Councils Virtual Summer school out on the river to photograph the sights. 

In 2022 we are working with Kent Attractions to engage budding engineers at Key Stage 3.