Frequently Asked Questions


Can i bring my dog? 

Jetstream Tours does allow dogs on board, however if you are planning a trip to Southend Pier dogs are not allowed on the Pier, so we would have to refuse entry to guest with dogs from the Kent departure piers.


Vessel Departure Times

All our departure times are printed on your tickets, this is the time the vessel leaves the departure point. We advise all cruising customers to arrive at least fifteen minutes before departure times so that they 


For the Ferry please see the timetime for the departure times where we advise commuters to be at the piers five minutes before departure. 


Southend arrivals and departures 


All tickets prices include the pier train. 

Kent to Essex - please arrive in plenty of time to either walk to the end of the peir or get the train to embark the vessels. 

Essex to Kent The last train time is given by the crew before you leave the vessel in the morning, please make sure you follow these instructions as the vessel cannot wait.


Additional vessels may be used to increase the oppurtunity for crossings between Southend and Queenborough. Not all vessels will have the same amenities available during your crossing.