Day Trips across the Thames


Kent to Essex


We have regular trips departing from Chatham or Queenborough between April and October to Southend.  The trips arrive at the end of Southend Pier mid-morning and give you up to 6 hours if tides allow. 

There are many attractions within reach of the pier and also on the Pier. 

For more infomration about what events are planned for the date of your trip . 



Essex to Kent

We have frequent trips to allow visitors to come accross to Kent, disembarking at Queenborough Harbour. 

The trip is called lunch in kent as it can be a short time ashore 2-3 hours, with plenty of establishments in Historic Queenborough and visitor attractions in the local historic sites. Or take a brist walk around the island to Sheerness and Milton Beaches, or take a taxi to Elmey Reserve. 

But if you can join us on a trip with a bit longer ashore time you can explore further afield on the Isle of Sheppey and in North Kent. 

Southend arrivals and departures 


All tickets prices include the pier train. 

Kent to Essex - please arrive in plenty of time to either walk to the end of the peir or get the train to embark the vessels. 

Essex to Kent The last train time is given by the crew before you leave the vessel in the morning, please make sure you follow these instructions as the vessel cannot wait.


Additional vessels may be used to increase the oppurtunity for crossings between Southend and Queenborough. Not all vessels will have the same amenities available during your crossing.