Gravesend - Tilbury Ferry

Foot and Cycle Only

Jetstream Tours operates ferry service on behalf of Kent County and Thurrock Council from:

Gravesend Town Pier ----- Tilbury Landing stage


This service operates 6 days per week (Monday-Saturday) all year round.


Commuting - Leisure - Shopping - Days out - Cruise Terminal


⚠️A good service is reported⚠️

The ferry is currently operating a good service. (Monday - Saturday 05:40am-19:00pm)

No suspension notices are currently in force.

⚠️Coronavirus service⚠️ 

Travelling with the Ferry?

It's important to note that many public modes of Transport are still affected by Coronavirus restrictions. Social Distancing IS still in place and there may be reduced capacity across the network.

Passengers using the Gravesend Ferry are reminded to leave additional time to cross and to ensure that you abide by our restrictions below.

This includes:

  • wearing a facecovering at all times,
  • paying with contactless where possible,
  • All passenger must disembark at the next stop and not return to the ferry for at least 1 hour.
  • do not smoke, eat, drink onboard,
  • respect our crew and their decisions at all times.  

We expect the last few crossings to be busy with people heading to or from work and so we ask anyone visiting Gravesend during the afternoons to refrain from using later crossings.

Please remember that the ferry is restricted to THIRTY passengers per crossing rather than the usual FIFTY. During Inclement weather, this number will reduce to TWENTY.


Our rules onboard and at the terminals 

Ferry Timetable 2020

Monday - Saturday 

No service on Sundays and Public Bank Holidays

(This includes Christmas Day, Boxing day and New Years Eve)

Departures From Gravesend  Departures From Tilbury 
0540 0550
0610 0620


0700 0715
0725 0740
0800 0810
0830 0840
0900 0910
1005 1015
1030 1042
1100 1112
1130 1142
1200 1212
1230 1242
1300 1312
1330 1342
1400 1410
1505 1515
1530 1542
1600 1612
1630 1642
1700 1712
1730 1742
1800 1812
1830 1842
1900 1910


*The 0645/0655 sailings do not operate on Saturdays


Peak times

Peak fares apply from 5:40am to 9:15am and 4:15pm to 7:10pm. 

They are highlighed in bold in the timetable above.


Saver 10

Our Saver 10 is a ticket that allows a passenger to buy a book of 10 individual trips (either peak or off-peak) in advance of their journey. There is no expiry on this ticket and so you can use this ticket until you have completed your 10th crossing. 


English National Concessionary Travel Scheme

If you hold a Kent Thurrock or Medway bus pass you may use this service free of charge at any time.

Other Concessions wishing to travel with an English national concessionary travel pass (E.N.C.T.S) may travel free of charge after 0930. Before this time you will be charged at Child rate.

Please show your pass upon boarding.


Lost tickets 

If you have lost your return or saver 10 ticket, replacements are not available. Please ensure you keep your ticket safe or you will be asked to purchase another ticket for your next crossing. 


Ticket Type Adult Child
Single - See Covid 19 restrictions £4.00 £2.00
Peak Return - (return after 1 hour) £5.00 £2.50
Off-Peak return - (return after 1 hour) £4.00 £2.50
Saver 10 £22.00 £12.00
* All Major Credit Cards now accepted onboard 

Travelling with children

  • Child fares apply to children aged 5 to 15 years old

  • Children under the age of 5 can travel free of charge at all times provided they are accompanied by a fare-paying passenger

  • No more than 4 children under the age of 5 can accompany each fare-paying passenger.


Accompanied pets

  • Dogs and other pets may travel on the ferry free of charge. This is subject to the animal being on a lead at all times or in a carry cage. 


Bicycles and Accessibility

  • The Gravesend-Tilbury ferry is a foot and bicycle ferry only.
  • Bicycles are must remain on the boarding deck however fold up bicycles and scooters may be taken inside the cabin.  
  • We cater for most forms of disability scooters however these may not enter the main cabin. We do however have a small area inside the main cabin for use during incliment weather for a standard sized Wheelchair.
  • Sadly we are unable to accept motorcycles of any size.


To the trains 

  • From Landing stage there is the 99 bus which takes you to Tilbury Town.
  • From Gravesend Town Pier, exit the pier and continue walking straight up the High street to the Gravesend station (appox 10 minute walk)


Parking is is available at both ferry terminals.


At Gravesend: you can use one of the many council operated pay and display car parks. Day prices are £6.80 at the Horn Yard and Market car park. 

Gravesend Terminal Postcode: DA11 0BJ


At Tilbury: parking is available on the landing stage itself. It is free to park however once full, parking can then be difficult.

Tilbury Terminal Postcode: RM18 7NJ


Alternative Route should the service be suspended due to Fog or breakdowns:

Gravesend to Tilbury-

  • From Gravesend to Bluewater via Arriva Bus Fastrack B: boarding point – Stop A, Garrick Street, Gravesend
  • From Bluewater to Lakeside Bus via Ensign Bus Service X80
  • From Lakeside to Tilbury Town Centre via Ensign Bus Services 66 or 73

Tilbury To Gravesend 

  • From Tilbury Town Centre to Lakeside via Ensign Bus Services 66 or 73
  • From Lakeside to Greenhithe Station via Ensign Bus Service X80
  • From Greenhithe Station to Gravesend via Arriva Bus Fastrack B


Service updates can be found on our twitter feed above.

For all other enquiries please contact the ferry direct on 07961 892627 (available only after 2nd May 2017)


Jetstream Tours operates the Gravesend-Tilbury ferry under contract to KCC.png

If you have any complaints about the service email us

or please contact Kent County Council here.