Covid-19 risk assessments and onboard proceedures 

Good To Go England.pngLockdown has provided everyone with some difficult challenges, many attractions are having to abide by new guidelines to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. Our measures have been carefully risk-assessed during lockdown to ensure our passengers and crew are able to enjoy our cruises without having to worry too much. 

The following measures are now in place and will remain in place aboard our vessel Jacob Marley whilst carrying out tours travelling to Southend Pier or the Redsand Towers, Please be aware alternative measures are in place for our vessels at Gravesend operating the Tilbury ferry for which you will need to check before you travel. 


Seating and One way systems

JM COVID Seating Plan.jpg

A maximum of Twenty Five passengers will be permitted onboard for any one cruise. (This number will be kept under reveiw). We will be maintaining 2m social distance between households during the tour. 

One-way System 

One of the biggest changes you will notice onboard is that we have placed in one way system around the main cabin. Passengers moving around the vessel should avoid using the aisles in opposing directions and follow the arrows on the floor at all times.

Inside Seating areas

Once onboard, please find a seat inside the main cabin. The cabin has been marked out with Tables reserved for households of between 3-4 and middle rows available for individuals or couples. This will be your space for the entire cruise, you may leave your coats or bags at your seat, whilst visiting outside decks.


Outside seating areas

All outside seating has been removed to increase the outside deck space areas and to improve the number of people that we can get on our deckspace. We have worked out that a maximum of 4 households may use the front deck and 3 households may use the rear deck at any one time. Please be concious that others may wish to use the outside decks, please be conciderate and do not remain in an outside space for extended periods of time. Anyone remaining outside without moving may be asked to return to a seat. 




Our internal seating has been divided up into individual booths to mimalise contact between tables. Each booth may seat a single household only. Those households seated back-to-back are also separated by a plastic screen. 

Where screens are not possible seats have been marked with a "Please do not use" sign or have been measured to ensure a minimum of 2m distance has been met. 

Onboard Signage

Screenshot 2020-07-10 23.55.40.png  - Please do not sit on this seat as it is too close to an aisle and other internal seats.


Screenshot 2020-07-10 23.55.57.png - Please observe the one way system when moving around the boat. 


Screenshot 2020-07-10 23.56.08.png - If a door or entrance is marked with No Entry, please use an alternative door.


Screenshot 2020-07-10 23.56.33.png - Please observe social distancing guidelines which is currently 2m whilst onboard.

Touch point cleaning

Between and during your cruise with us, our crews will be carrying out routine touch point cleaning. 

This is extended to regular cleaning of the toilets and tables. 

If you have any concerns about cleanliness during your day please do not hesitate to raise this with the crews.

Face Coverings and Smoking



From the 8th August 2020, it is a requirement for most indoor settings to wear a face covering. Following government advise we will be implimenting face coverings aboard all our tours. 

We sell a limited number of re-usable coverings onboard for £3.50. £1 of each covering is donated to the RNLI.

Staff facecoverings and assistance

Our staff will wear a facecovering at all times whilst in a passenger area, however once in a crew defined areas, such as the Bar and wheelhouse,they may remove them. 

Crew will also be available to assist you on and off the vessel and so will be wearing a mask and will ensure they are sanitising hands before and after assiting passengers.


For now we will not be able to carry pets aboard our vessel (except guide dogs).

Smoking Onboard 

All our vessels are now operating a No Smoking policy, for the comfort of our passengers. Passengers are also reminded that this extends to Southend pier, Smoking is only permitted once fully on dry land.

Onboard Bar  

Please be aware that due to a reduced number of passengers some items behind the bar may not be available. We may also be holding a reduced number of stock onboard. Please ensure cash payments are kept to a minimum and pay with contactless whereever possible.

If you wish to bring a sandwich with you this is permitted however alcoholic beverages must be purchased onboard.

Hand sanitiser


Stationed around the vessel we have hand sanitiser dispensers available for use by everyone onboard. We recoomend that this is used several times whilst during your visit with us. Please ensure you use immediatly after boarding and at the end of your during your cruise . 

Our Sanitiser is supplied by our local distillary, Copper Rivet at Chatham. More information about our Russells Alcohol rub can be found here

Southend Pier and Trains

Southend slider box.jpg

If you are joining us at Southend Pier, please ensure you allow an additional 30 minutes to walk to the end of the pier. Due to social distancing measures on the pier, Southend Council will not be operating the pier train until further notice. All passengers will therefore need to walk 1.3miles to the end of the pier to reach the vessel.

If you are unable to walk the pier please contact us immediately to discuss options.

Late arrivals

Any passengers arriving at the end of the pier after the scheduled departure time may be refused access and/or miss the boat. An alternative cruise or refund will not be available.


Arriving to Southend Pier 

If you are arriving with us to Southend Pier, please remember you will need to walk to and from the shore as the pier train is currently out of service. Your crews will discuss your return times with you prior to leaving the vessel. 

Thankyou for taking the time to read our onboard proceedures. We look forward to welcoming you onboard and hope you have a safe and enjoyable cruise with us.